So, you're on a diet and you're very fed up with it because you don't seem to be losing any more weight.

We all want instant results and there's no denying they help to keep you motivated.

I want to convince you it doesn't matter how slow progress may be or even if there is none at all for a time.

You need to appreciate the daily pleasure of knowing you're mastering a healthy way of eating can be enough - and the pain of another failed diet is too great to bear.

Here's a tool you can use when progress seems very slow and you're tempted to blow your diet in frustration: I am going to ask you to make a leap of the imagination, to create an imaginary video where you are, at one and the same time, the cameraman and the main character.

You're filming from the bottom of a steep hill - almost a mountain.

There are two routes to the top - and at the top there is a big reward - you choose exactly what you'd like it to be - a new outfit perhaps? Or maybe a new you?

Zoom in on that reward and let the video express how much you want it.

Now two stories unfold.

You film yourself going up this mountain two different ways. You have been told about a fast route and you can see it clearly.

It's hard but you can make it to the top. Around the first bend, you meet a near vertical crag - there are foot holds and shrubs to hold on to but you cannot cope.

You must concentrate on the climb. You can't allow your attention to wander at all. You can't even enjoy the view as you're beginning to get nervous - the prize at the top seems even further away than before.

All is not lost - let's start filming the alternative route to the prize at the top - this second route makes the prize infinitely more achievable.

Go back to the foot of the mountain. Zoom in again on your prize at the summit and make it vivid. Take up your filming position behind you the climber.

The path becomes clear to you, it allows you to make slow, steady progress, you feel stretched, you can feel the prize is within reach if you can keep up this pace.

The pace suits you. You film yourself stopping every now and then as you turn around to admire the view.

You're feeling pleasantly warm with the glow of gentle exercise and you never fear failure - you're not going to slip, the ground under your feet is firm.

It suddenly doesn't seem to matter how long the whole thing takes - you're enjoying yourself anyway.

The walk in itself is a pleasure. You're walking tall, with confidence. The prize will stay there until you reach it.

No one is going to take it away. When you feel completely certain you have found the path leading you proudly to where you want to go, you can stop filming.

The analogy is a very obvious one but powerful nonetheless.

When you're overcome with frustration because you aren't losing weight, even though you only eat when you're hungry, rerun this video in your mind - its message is crystal clear - the prize is achievable if you want it enough, even if it takes a long while.

Failure is too high a price to pay. The video will help you stick to the slow but sure route.

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