Roy Whiting maintained a stony silence when questioned by police desperate for information to help trace missing Sarah.

He was interviewed over three days in the week following the schoolgirl's disappearance.

Despite pleas for help from Detective Inspector Jeff Riley, Whiting answered every question in a staccato, sing-song voice:

"No comment".

The Argus has obtained a video of the police interviews, and we transcribe the dialogue here:

Det Insp Riley: "I know it's difficult questions I'm asking. I know it's a very serious matter that I'm asking questions about but it's for a very specific reason because we want to find Sarah.

"If it wasn't you, that you weren't involved and we're speaking to the wrong person, then please tell me because I don't want to be speaking to the wrong person.

"I want to find Sarah. I want to help find her, that's what my job is. Can you understand what I'm saying?"

Whiting: "Yeah. No comment."

Det Insp Riley: "You can't help me with that at all? If I'm pointing in the wrong direction please tell me. I'll be honest with you. If I'm wrong say, 'Sorry, but you're wrong, it's not me'.

Whiting: "No comment".

Det Insp Riley: "Am I making sense with what I'm saying?"

Whiting: "Can I...hold back a minute...I want me solicitor".

The interview continues after a short break.

Det Insp Riley: "How far away from her in your vehicle were you when you first saw her?"

Whiting: "No, comment".

Det Insp Riley: "What side of the road was she walking on?"

Whiting: "No, comment".

Det Insp Riley: "At what stage did you decide you were going to take her?"

Whiting: "No, comment".

Det Insp Riley: "I mean, was it a planned thing or was it an instantaneous act? What was it, Roy?"

Whiting: "No, comment".

Det Insp Riley: "You've been interviewed on a number of occasions. I've put the scenario to you and I've taken you through it. Some of it I've assumed you've done because you've not given me any indication and you're not answering my questions. What I would say before I continue is, is there anything that I've not covered in the past few days that you feel you want to bring out in this interview?"

Whiting: "No".

Det Insp Riley: "Is there anything you don't understand about what I've asked you?"

Whiting: "No".

Det Insp Riley: "You had been working at Golden Avenue, which is in Kingston Gorse, hadn't you?"

Whiting: "No, comment".

Det Insp Riley: "Why didn't you tell me that before?"

Whiting: "No, comment".

Det Insp Riley: "Were you trying to hide this fact from me?"

Whiting: "No, comment".

And so the interviews continued for a total of five hours, stretched over nine days, until Whiting was charged on February 6.

Detective Sergeant Amanda Hinchliffe read out the caution and formally charged him.

In response he looked up, rubbed his left eye and said nothing.

December 12, 2001