Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is controversial, even within the medical world, because of possible serious health risks and undesirable side-effects.

Its long-term safety and efficacy remain uncertain and a matter of concern.

Homeopathy is the safest treatment before, during, and after menopause.

Constitutional treatment is the best way to balance hormone levels and cure accompanying symptoms without the use of harmful drugs.

Below are remedies that can help the most common physical discomforts of menopause. Do not try more than one at a time. If symptoms persist, consult a qualified homeopath.

For hot flushes and night sweats, try the following:

Sepia for hot flushes which leave you feeling nauseated, worn out, weak or depressed;

Lachesis for hot flushes originating at the top of the head;

Pulsatilla for hot flushes that occur more when indoors, leaving you feeling chilly;

Belladona for flushes that concentrate on the face and for irritability, restlessness and palpitations;

Ferrum-met for sudden hot flushes and exhaustion;

Graphites for flushes which ascends upwards to the face or sweating after the slightest exertion;

Ignatia for a sensation that you are about to perspire but there is no moisture;

Nux-vom for night sweats which leave you chilly and irritable;

Sulphur for night sweats that make you extremely thirsty and heat sensitive.


Aconite for sleeplessness and nightmares;

Arsenicum for when you wake up in the middle of the night and are so restless you have to get up;

Belladonna for insomnia, excitability, restlessness and mental hyperactivity;

Chamomilla for sleepiness during the day but insomnia at night;

Coffea if your head is filled with thoughts and ideas, you are sensitive to noise and can't switch off;

Lycopodium if you are physically weak but have a sharp mind, wake up in the very early morning and can't stop thinking about things;

Sulphur if you are a light sleeper, often awakened by small noises.


Try Sepia, Mag-mur or Mag-phos.


Pulsatilla for when urination feels imminent almost constantly, though it's not a full bladder feeling;

Zincum for chronic dribbles or slight leakages.


Apis if the vagina feels tight;

Belladonna if the vagina feels painfully dry, sensitive and sore or if there is bleeding after intercourse;

Bryonia for those whose skin feels dry have dry stools as well as dry vagina;

Lycopodium for dry skin, dry vagina - and dried up self confidence;


Cimicifuga for painful menstruation, exhaustion, oversensitivity to pain and a general sick feeling;

Colocynth for cramping pains generally on the left side, and spasms;

Calc-carb for heavy flooding, night sweats and flushing;

Lachesis for profuse menstruation with thick and dark blood;

Mag-phos for cramping pains, generally on the right side, headaches and colic;

Nat-mur for flooding, irregular and prolonged periods with migraines;

Sepia for flooding, especially if periods are close together.

Elizabeth Whitney is a qualified, registered homoeopath and can be contacted at Advanced Homoeopathic Centre, 62 Palmeira Avenue, Hove or call 01273 390938 or email elizabethwhitney@onetel.net.uk