A new food scare story seems to appear in the media every week.

So, without expert knowledge, how does the average person respond? Take our quiz to see if you can separate fact from fiction.

1 There have been reports that farmed salmon contains radioactive waste from Sellafield.

A Jolly good, I've always wanted to glow in the dark.

B A Government spokesman says it's perfectly safe to eat salmon.

C That's alarming, isn't it time we turned nuclear power stations into wind farms?

2 How do you feel about the plans to fluoridate the tap water in the UK?

A Should have been done years ago, our dental fees are extortionate.

B Well, they wouldn't do it if it was in any way harmful for us, would they?

C Visit the National Pure Water Association's web site to check out the latest info on the health risks of fluoride, then write to your MP (to find out who your MP is, visit www.locata.co.uk/commons)

3 Reports suggest children are more likely to have tantrums if given additive-laden foods.

A It's high time to up the dose of Ritalin.

B Parents should take control of their offspring so they don't run riot.

C Since government agencies won't remove all additives known to adversely affect children's behaviour, parents are learning how to avoid them.

4 We hear constant media scares about the supposed dangers of vitamins and minerals. Should we take them seriously or not?

A Not to worry - technology is advancing all the time, we should soon be able to buy genetically modified carrots without betacarotene.

B Always listen to the scientists - they know best.

C Find out the real reasons why 300 safe supplements are about to be banned and why the rest are being dumbed down to very low levels by visiting www.healthfreedommovement.com 5 What do you think of GM foods, are they friend or foe?

A Genetically modified ingredients have been used for many years in many countries - this must mean they are safe.

B They taste okay, I don't mind if they change the bacteria in my gut.

C The only certainty about scientific fact is that sooner or later it will be proved wrong. If it serves a purpose, it is deemed correct. We were told DDT was safe, we were told thalidomide was safe, so third time lucky?

Total up your score and read on:

Mostly As: Congratulations, you are about to become the next Sultan of Spin. Apply to the Government at once and you will be assured of a top job.

Mostly Bs: Start acting now because if you continue to allow your body to be used as a toxic dump, you might turn into the Incredible Hulk.

Mostly Cs: You are a deep thinker and won't suffer fools gladly. Your ability to see the bigger picture makes you a champion of any worthy cause.

Martina is a qualified nutritionist at the Crescent Clinic of Complementary Medicine, 37 Vernon Terrace, Brighton. Tel: 01273 202221 or email: martina@thehealthbank.co.uk