Totalitarian regimes rely on people who are conditioned to be compliant and will do what they are told without regard to the consequences of their actions.

Ethical considerations are abandoned precisely because they are protected from their deeds or rewarded in some fashion.

I am reminded of such regimes when reading the inside story of how our own Government is trying to ban vitamins and minerals in the UK.

It is a dramatic story other newspapers have yet to publish.

After making a full recovery from an ME-related illness through the use of nutritional supplements, Paul Taylor has been campaigning to stop the EU ban on vitamins and minerals.

On July 3, he witnessed in Committee Room 12 (House of Commons) at the hands of our own labour MPs, our descent into a true, postethical society.

Here is his first-hand account: "Despite efforts by some MPs, the House of Lords, lobbying groups and a petition with a million signatures, the EU Food Supplements Directive was passed into UK law - not by the House of Commons but by a small, rigged committee.

"The effect of this decision will be to clear the shelves of essential supplements within the next 24 months. Shortly before the vote was due to take place, it emerged that several Labour MPs, including Kate Hoey MP, were going to vote against the legislation.

"On the day before the vote, the Labour Party suddenly removed five Labour MPs from the committee and replaced them with five loyal party apparatchiks who could be guaranteed to vote it through.

"Criticising the Government's jackboot approach to parliamentary democracy, Chris Grayling MP (Con) challenged the Junior Health Minister, Melanie Johnson MP (Lab), to name just one item from the 300 banned nutrients that is unsafe.

"Miss Johnson refused to answer his question. Chris Grayling then asked her: 'Why are we allowing laws imposed by the European Commission to take from people in this country the choice that they have freely exercised for years?'

"A clearly angry Kate Hoey MP, having been removed from the committee against her will, stated that: 'The message will go out to millions of ordinary people that the Government cares more about the pharmaceutical industry than it does about ordinary people's opportunities and rights to continue to take products they have always taken.'

"Jeremy Corbyn MP (Lab) confirmed that the directive is the product of ruthless lobbying tactics used by the pharmaceutical industry which is 'not keen on the diversity of supply of vitamin supplements available in health-food shops'.

"It appears our final chance now of being allowed to take supplements of our choice is to support a legal challenge to the Directive.

"You can make a donation to the campaign fund at "As regards our own parliamentary representatives, if you know any who have at least a nodding acquaintance with their own conscience, pose this question to them: About 200,000 deaths per year are tobacco and alcoholrelated - neither of which will be banned. Thousands die from the side-effects of prescribed drugs.

"How many deaths are attributable to vitamin C?"

Martina is a qualified nutritionist at the Crescent Clinic of Complementary Medicine, 37 Vernon Terrace, Brighton. Tel: 01273 202221 or email: