Smoking is probably one of the oldest recreational rituals.

We all know by now that tobacco is a powerful drug, which weakens the nerves and the brain in the long run. It clogs up the small blood vessels in the brain, heart and other organs and causes high blood pressure, breathing problems, heart attacks at young age, poor circulation in legs, strokes and cancer. Smoking is also a major cause of impotence in men.

The basic reason for smoking is low self esteem, lack of self confidence or sheer pleasure. You will not have the motivation to quit if you enjoy smoking. Nicotine gives the brain a kick when you are suffering from anxiety and panic. A very successful marketing director of an international company recently said to me that he smoked 60 cigarettes a day as he often started getting panicky, anxious and sweaty in the board meetings.

To restore a sense of control and confidence over your life you need to harness the power of the inner spiritual being. This holistic approach might help you quit smoking:

1. Learn and practice daily meditation. Find a quiet place of retreat for yourself to still the mind two or three times a day for a few minutes.

2. Do Yoga. Exercise relieves the tensions, diverts the mind and tones the mind and body, improves circulation and oxygenation to the brain and heart. Research has shown that it helps in relieving anxiety and depression thus reducing the need for smoking.

3. Give yourself a regular head massage frequently during the day. It releases the tension and relieves strain so reducing the need for a cigarette.

4. Drink plenty of glucose lemon juice and vitamin C in water or fruit juice. This is a tonic for the brain cells and can help stop craving for a cigarette.

5. Massage face and neck daily three times a day with diluted oils of lavender and valerian essential oils.

6. Drink ginger, valerian and lemon balm tea.

7. Ashwagandha root extract 300 milligrams daily and Gotu Kola extract tincture 150mg daily have been shown to be a non-addictive nerve tonic which can help cigarette addiction.

8. Get some Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy to sort out your unresolved emotional issues which are often the underlying cause for smoking.