The jury in the Sarah Payne murder trial retired today to continue its deliberations.

The jury retired on the direction of Mr Justice Richard Curtis to begin its second full day of deliberations.

Jurors have so far been discussing their verdicts for a little under six hours after first retiring at 3.50pm on Monday.

Roy Whiting, 42, formerly of St Augustine Road, Littlehampton, denies kidnapping and murdering eight-year-old Sarah.

Sarah's parents, Sara and Michael, arrived some 15-minutes after the jury was due to resume its deliberations at Lewes Crown Court.

The couple, both 32, walked hand-in-hand into the courthouse, followed by two police family liaison officers.

They entered the building without making any comment.

Sarah was snatched from a country lane in Kingston Gorse, East Preston, in July last year.

Her naked body was found dumped in a shallow grave 16 days later.

The case continues.

December 12, 2001