A campaign has been launched by Prince Charles and many celebrities for the prevention of bowel cancer.

The thought of suffering from any type of cancer is frightening. Basically, cancer is an uncontrolled growth of cells in any particular part or organ of the body. The normal growth and functioning of the cell is directly dependent on the integrity of the DNA and the genes in the cell, which are constantly undergoing some damage and repair. The body tissues are ultimately made from what we eat and drink and are subject to the good and bad effect of hormones.

It stands to reason that if we can eat balanced, wholesome nutritive foods, can train our minds to maintain an equanimity of thoughts and emotions, control our reactions to an essential bare minimum and adopt a balanced lifestyle, then we should be able to prevent most cancers.

If, in spite of all your good and healthy living, you develop a cancer, you have to attribute it to Karma and face your destiny.

There is evidence the following could form an effective part of a holistic programme to prevent cancer:

1. Eat less than your appetite wants. Leave one-third of your stomach space empty at each meal.

2. Eat foods rich in high fibre. Ispagulla husk is recommended in Ayurvedic medicine for regulating the bowel, as well as preventing the absorption of toxins from the gut.

3. Vegetables and fruits contain antioxi- dants,which have now been shown to slow down cancer growth.Research carried out atCornell University in the United States has found fresh apple extract inhibits the growth of cancer cells in the colon and liver.

4. The Indian gooseberry Amla is an excellent antioxidant.

5. Winding down your nerves regularly during the day helps to reduce the stress reaction in the body, reducing the production of harmful chemicals in the body which damage the DNA and can cause cancer. There is plenty of evidence that prolonged untreated stress,grief and anxiety can all contribute to the development of cancer. Meditation, exercise, enjoyment, prayer, restful time and good sleep are all essential to prevent cancer.

6. Developing policies to promote good secure feelings of love and respect in the community.