The community is waking up and guiding politicians and policy makers towards enlightenment.

We all know that a healthy nation can only be made from healthy individuals.

Really true health must address the whole person, the whole community, the whole nation and, dare one say it, the planet and the space we live in!

The amount of coverage in the national media about natural health, lifestyle and diet reflects the need for a healthy change in ourselves.

All sections of society are subject to illnesses of the body, mind or soul.

Physical illnesses like cancer, heart disease and stomach ulcers on which millions of pounds are spent by the NHS every year can be prevented by every individual making an effort to live a healthy lifestyle.

More importantly, reducing the undue and unreasonable stress at work, at home and in the community by developing a strategy of promotive and supportive behaviour systems will provide a platform for reducing stress-related illnesses like heart attacks, cancer, anxiety and depression.

Often the momentum of policy making, organising and managing bureaucracy leads people to lose sight of the real objective the health of the nation the people, and we end up having an unhealthy system of healthcare trying to heal the community.

A holistic approach to our thinking and complementary therapies play a vital role here in softening the blow and healing the individual with a different energy.

One recent advance in the promotion of healthy food and diet is a project by the Department of Health called Community Action for Food and the Environment. This aims to bring awareness and involvement of the community and individuals in the promotion of healthy eating to prevent cancer and other diseases.

Look out for a poster in your GP's surgery or call 01273 703100 for more details.

As regards mental illness and spiritual energy, authoritative information needs to be made available, particularly to professionals and businessmen, on what they can do to prevent stress burn-out and where they can get reliable therapy.

The British Holistic Medical Association is such an organisation which provides well-researched material and information on personal and community care.

For further information call the BHMA on 01273 725951.