The ancient Yogis lay great emphasis on the central role which proper breathing plays in our health.

We all know that we cannot live without breathing.

Our breathing and circulation of blood in the body are intimately connected and interactive. You will notice that when you start running, your heart starts beating faster and your breathing also quickens.

Nature has installed this rhythm in the body in order to provide more oxygen and life-force to the vital organs of the body so they can function properly.

Every organ or tissue in the body lives, heals and functions as long as it receives enough oxygen and nutrition.

The Hindu Yogis,Chinese Saints and Western Hermits all believe that, along with the oxygen and other physical gases in the air, there is a more subtle energy a Prana, or Chi or Life Force, which pervades the universe everywhere.

Our life is characterised by the fact that it attracts this universal life force to it in order to spark life into the physical body and mind to make us alive and well. When you sit still for any length of time, you will notice that your breathing becomes very shallow; you become lethargic or drowsy.

Your back may start to ache. In this kind of situation, we are not breathing enough oxygen or life-force. Inevitably and involuntarily, you will get up, take a deep breath, have a big stretch, hold your breath and then exhale sharply. By doing this you will feel revived and alert again.

When you panic or are stressed out, your muscles tense up, your breathing goes haywire and your liver becomes toxic. This will be followed by your nerves going weak and hormones becoming depleted. We need the breath of life.

Try practicing Yogic breathing or Pranayam regularly several times during the day. It is guaranteed to enliven you and keep you healthy naturally. To do this,you may sit on the floor, or on your chair, with your spine and head in a straight line.

Fold your hands in your lap. Breathe in and out sharply once or twice like deep sighing to relieve the tension in the chest.

Now take a slow uniform deep breath in. Hold your breath for a few seconds. Then let the breath out gently and uniformly, slowly. Take your time.Repeat this about five times.