With Easter having arrived and spring in the air, a sense of good feeling seems to have crept in, alleviating stress, worry and regrets.

This is the time to re-visit the spirituality within us.

What does Easter mean to you? How can it relate to your good health?

I have always felt religious festivities have a psycho-therapeutic effect on us and that we can use this auspicious time to heal personal wounds, treat illness, get rid of our fears and resentments and develop love and compassion, as well as treat sickness and the atrocities of society.

When my children were little, I bought them The Children's Bible In 365 Stories by Mary Batchelor so they would grow up to respect all religions and realise there is only one God: The spirit of love and compassion in your own heart.

In Matthew, Jesus teaches: "You will be like salt. Salt stops meat and fish from going bad. You will keep your little corner of the world wholesome and fresh.

"Because you love me you will be honest and fair, hardworking and kind to those in need. There will be no rottenness or corruption in your dealings.

"Salt gives taste to food, too. Because you live life with true enjoyment, your words and actions will add relish to the lives of everyone you mix with."

When Jesus rose from the dead, he came back momentarily to reveal to his disciples the need to revisit the real spirit within, so that we can get in touch with Him to get through this life in happiness, free from misery.

We need to draw upon this inner power to treat our illnesses and to purify our minds for a happier, healthier life.

In his fascinating book God's Whisper, Creation's Thunder, physicist Brian Hines gives the following description of the Holy Spirit as experienced by the English mystic and saint Richard Rolle:

"This peace experienced by the Spirit is very sweet. A divine and dulcet melody comes down to fill it with joy.

"The mind is ravished with sublime and effortless music and it sings the joy of everlasting love.

"These sounds cannot be known or heard by anybody but the one who receives them and he has to keep himself pure and separate from the world."

When we meditate, we hear the divine sound and see the divine light which represents the true spirit: God in action.

Maharaj Charan Singh, the Indian mystic, writes: "The Word combines both light and sound. The sound is meant to determine the direction (of) the light to enable us to travel toward it."

So this Easter weekend, try to find some time to sit together holding hands with loved ones and see if you can hear that inner sound and see the divine light.

Happy Easter.