Do you feel stuck in life? Do you feel unable to untangle yourself from the clutches of work or mental, physical and

emotional tensions?

Do you suffer from illness which requires more than just prescription of pills?

The Art Of Living Foundation is a non-government international organization, recognised by and working with the World Health Organization (WHO), which runs courses on the Art Of Living.

Many of my patients have attended the course and found it very beneficial in healing themselves, restoring relationships and relieving stress in order to feel a sense of fulfillment in their lives.

The Art Of Living Course is a practical course of personal experience and knowledge,designed to develop the full potential of life, and can be enjoyed people from all backgrounds and traditions.

It is based on the ancient knowledge the art of living through greater awareness of the self, combined with the healing power of breathing techniques adapted to the needs of modern life. It offers practical tools to eliminate stress from our life and awaken our innate potential to heal ourselves.

From my own experience, I have no doubt that if we could breathe properly and practice these powerful series of breathing techniques on a daily basis, we could eliminate a lot of our mental, emotional and physical toxins and enable our body, mind and spirit to heal on daily basis. That way, we can prevent illness, maintain an enhanced sense of well-being and promote a relaxed attitude in our daily lives.

A key component of the workshop is Sudarshan Kriya, a simple but powerful technique utilizing the breath that eliminates emotional toxins and brings the body, mind and emotions into harmony with the inner self.

Various techniques are taught including simple yoga postures to suit individuals, guided meditation, breathing techniques and other group exercises which make the workshop very relaxing, rejuvenating and fun! More importantly, these techniques can be easily practiced at home and are easy to learn.

Dramatic results of one study in post-war Croatia prompted the WHO to offer the workshop to both patients and doctors in several countries.

For information on courses contact Kamlesh on or telephone 07951 270 847.