Patcham is one of those suburban seats which has always seemed safe for the Conservatives in Brighton and Hove.

With boundary alterations, it has been greatly extended but should still be a safe bet for the party.

The husband-and-wife team of Geoffrey and Carol Theobald is well known in the ward for picking up local issues.

Geoffrey is a former East Sussex County Council leader and for many years led the opposition in Brighton. Carol speaks on planning issues on the city council.

Following the sad death of Councillor John Sheldon, they have now been joined on the authority by the equally-assiduous Brian Pidgeon.

Other parties poll a fair number of votes in Patcham but their problem is the Tories poll more.

Labour always fancies it has a glimmer of a chance, especially now the ward has changed, while the Liberal Democrats have always fared much better there than in most other suburban seats.

The Green Party is also fielding a full team but this is not one of their more favoured wards.

One of the hottest issues in Patcham is the busy official travellers site at Horsdean and other encampments nearby.

There are also constant traffic problems caused by motorists going too fast along busy residential roads such as Carden Avenue and Vale Avenue.

Candidates (three seats):

Conservatives - Carol Theobald, Geoffrey Theobald, Brian Pidgeon.

Labour - Derek John Betts, William Mackintosh Chalmers, Phillip David Jones.

Liberal Democrats - Daphne Barbara Latimer, David Latimer, John David Lovatt.

Greens - Elizabeth Fakhr, Alison Jane Varey, Geraldine Teresa Keenan.