Basking in the glorious sun on the beach in Florida with clear skies and temperatures soaring to 91 degrees is what we all desire as a fantastic holiday experience.

Hundreds of holiday-makers from Britain will soon be heading off for sunny destinations, returning with an exotic suntan and sunburn!

While most of us are pretty resilient to high temperatures and gusty winds, there is no doubt that direct exposure to the rays of the sun can be harmful.

Some exposure of the skin to the sun is essential for the body to make its own vitamin D under the skin particularly for Asian, vegetarian women.

However, the ultraviolet light in the suns rays penetrates the deeper layers of the skin and damages the collagen and the elastic tissue, thereby causing premature ageing and wrinkles.

The more serious danger is, of course, the development of skin cancer.

The more common problems that can be prevented in order to make your holiday more comfortable are sunburn, heat exhaustion, diarrhoea and sore eyes.

Here are a few natural tips: SLAP on plenty of sun protection cream (factor 25 or above ). This will prevent sunburn and protect your skin from skin cancer.

There are some good products available which also contain moisturisers.

IN order to prevent drying and premature ageing of the skin, apply lotions containing aloe vera gel, glycerine and vitamin E.

These are healing and protective. Aloe vera also helps to heal sunburn but it is best to prevent it in the first place.

WASHING the skin with cool water several times a day, particularly splashing the face, cools the eyes and remoisturises the skin.

APPLY full-cream milk or cream of milk the skin. Milk is an excellent demulcent softener and reviver for skin and helps with sunburn.

Massage some rose oil (diluted in almond apricot-kernel oil) morning and evening.

Rose is very cooling to the skin and is a beauty oil although expensive. Other cooling oils are vetiver, camomile and lavender.

IN order to prevent red, sore eyes, wash bathe them frequently with cold water.

Cover the eyes with some crushed ice folded a handkerchief. Wear sunglasses to protect the eyes. Soak feet in cool water or walk barefoot on cold grass in the morning and evening this cools the eyes.

KEEP yourself well hydrated with cold water, salt, glucose and fruit juice rather than fizzy drinks and beverages.

Fructose, glucose and bioflavonoids in fruits are very cooling to the brain and body, and provide instant energy. Cold milk is also reviving for the body, skin and nerve cells.

Ayurveda cites coconut milk and mango juice as the best cooling fruit juices. You will find that eating juicy fruits such as watermelon, plums and kiwi satisfy the thirst better than fizzy drinks.