Relaxing after my first American experience of a most exciting baseball match I found myself reading the book Just A Moment.

Relaxing after my first American experience of a most exciting baseball match at the famous Fenway Park; Boston I found myself reading the book Just A Moment by the Brahma Kumaris, University of World Spirituality.

I Am An Important Actor In Life's Drama read the title of one chapter.

My thoughts drifted to the game. How important each player was in that arena not only the players but the spectators and the managers and organisers too.

Then, there was the mission of the Kennedy Space Centre where the credit for putting the first men on the moon and bringing them back safely was given not just to the astronauts but to a team of some 4,000 members of ground crew, including the humble cleaner.

My thoughts are now back to my mission a shared vision of promoting well-being in the community in mind, body and spirit with my colleagues at the British Holistic Medical Association and Integral Health Care Forum in Brighton and Hove.

Can we bring policy-makers, teachers, doctors, healthcare workers, complementary therapists and other people together in an empowered arena and share a common goal with due regard to the immense value of each player's role in enhancing the health of the nation?

On Wednesday, Michael Fox, the chief executive of the Foundation for Integrated Health will visit us to guide us in this task.

Here is a quote from the Brahma Kumaris which might help each of us boost our morale, and achieve our goal:

"Have I ever stopped to think how important I am? Did I wake up this morning with firm resolutions to play my part in life to the best of my ability?"

The whole human history is like an unlimited drama, and each of us has our unique role to play. In an ordinary play, there are understudies but in this play of life, out of the five-and-a-half billion actors on the stage, not one of them can play my role better than I.

I am a very special person. No one's role is more important than the other: some may appear more significant, but each has its own beauty and very specific purpose.

Take the example of a motor car. My car may have cost thousands of pounds, but my spark plug, which cost only a few pennies, is not sparking.

My flashy, speedy car will not move an inch, unless, of course, I push it! A spark plug cannot be used in place of a water pump, a gear box cannot play the part of a radiator.

Each has its own speciality and reason for being. Only when I understand my role in life and play it with attention and accuracy and with humility can I experience contentment and a mind free from jealousy.