Two of Brighton's most intractable problems are big issues in the new ward of Rottingdean Coastal.

It stretches from Saltdean to the fringes of East Brighton, taking in Rottingdean and Ovingdean.

There has been great controversy over the possible use of the Grand Ocean Hotel for asylum-seekers, which probably explains why the BNP is putting up a lone candidate.

Four of the eight possible sites for a new sewage treatment plant are also in the area: Black Rock, Upper and Lower Sheepcote Valley and Ovingdean. All are being opposed.

Conservatives are the overwhelming favourites to win this ward and they are putting forward a strong team.

David Smith has been around so long he is one of the few contenders to have held a position when Tories ran Brighton Council.

Councillor Lynda Hyde, like David Smith, has a good nose for local issues. The third member of the team is the well-liked Mary Mears, a former councillor.

Some spice will be added to the contest by the nomination of former Tory councillor Norman Wright as one of the three Labour candidates.

Liberal Democrats usually make a fair showing in Rottingdean and in the past have polled their highest Brighton vote here without winning.

Greens are also showing more than normal interest, with one of their leading activists, Geoffrey Bowden, heading their team.

The dilemma for all four main parties will be what to do about the BNP's exotically named Renzo Lorenzo Ferrari.

Do they ignore him, hoping voters will do the same, or attack him, giving him publicity?

Candidates (three seats):

Conservative - David John Smith, Lynda Hyde, Mary Mears.

Labour - Roger William Page, Hitesh Tailor, Norman William Wright.

Liberal Democrats - Harold De Souza, Joy De Souza, Lisa Maece Winter.

Greens - Geoffrey Alan Raphael Bowden, Gregory Taylor, Susan Gilson.

British National Party - Renzo Lorenzo Ferrari.