Brighton and Hove is one of the few major councils which has strong representation from four parties.

The Greens are determined to keep it that way, which is why so much effort is being put into the St Peter's and North Laine ward.

Seven years ago in the old St Peter's ward, the Greens gained a single seat and increased their tally to all three in 1999.

The ward has now expanded to include the North Laine area, which makes the task that much harder.

Only one of the current councillors, Green convenor Keith Taylor, is fighting again. He has made a big impact during the last four years.

Councillor Taylor will be joined by former hotels association chairwoman Sue Paskins, who is also prominent in the Save Our Seafront campaign, along with health communications specialist Simon Williams.

However, Labour sees a chance to regain the area, which was once a party stronghold. Councillor Christine Simpson has every reason to want to succeed as she was once beaten by the Greens.

Former councillor Harry Spillman is having another try at being elected. He is best remembered for his stalwart efforts to get a new central library.

The third Labour candidate is environmentalist Rob Stephenson, who was green before the Green Party was invented.

Conservative and Liberal Democrats are fielding full teams in this ward but it is really a two-party race. Gerald O'Brien is standing as an Independent.

The Brighton station development has been a big issue in the ward. Other topics include the state of The Level and regeneration of York Place opposite St Peter's Church.

Environmental and traffic issues will also be important in this lively ward, which contains many members of the chattering classes.

Candidates (three seats):

Labour - Christine Simpson, Harry Spillman, Robert Antony James Stephenson.

Conservative - Paul Rodney Bowes, Carole Franklin, James Alistair Gowans.

Liberal Democrats - Ruth Berry, Madelaine Joanna Hunter, William Frederick Parker, Greens - Keith Taylor, Susan Margaret Paskins, Simon Williams.

Independent - Gerald David O'Brien.