Westbourne is the only urban seafront ward which has not been represented by Labour councillors.

It is not that different from neighbouring wards in its composition so one reason for Tory success must be the rapport between residents and their councillors.

Jim and Audrey Buttimer started that trend and it has been continued by the current councillors in the ward.

Brian Oxley, hard working leader of the city council opposition group, seems to know every inch of the ward, while Denise Cobb has been prominent in campaigns such as the People's Proposal for the King Alfred leisure centre.

Labour still has a hankering for victory in the ward.

This time it is putting forward Don Brown, well known for his YMCA work, and David Jones.

Lib Dems held Westbourne for many years on the old East Sussex County Council.

Their colourful team consists of entertainer Brian Ralfe and community campaigner Valerie Paynter, who are also working the ward hard.

Greens, who are fielding Philip Dymond and Anita Phillips, complete the list of candidates. The Tories must be hoping the other parties cancel each other out.

The big issue in Westbourne is controlled parking and how much of the ward it should cover.

There is also interest in the neighbouring King Alfred redevelopment and seafront improvements.

Candidates (two seats):

Labour - David Jones, Don Brown.

Conservative - Brian Oxley, Denise Cobb.

Liberal Democrats - Valerie Paynter, Brian Ralfe.

Greens - Philip Paul Dymond, Anita Phillips.