Whatever happens in the marginal Wish ward, two councillors standing for election must lose their seats.

The Hove seafront ward is currently represented by two Labour councillors and one Tory, who are all standing again. But the ward is being reduced to two seats this time.

The Tory is Garry Peltzer Dunn, who has lived in the western end of the ward for many years. Despite his youthful appearance, he is one of the longest-serving councillors and is a former leader of Hove Council.

He is being joined by Councillor Ted Kemble, elected for Westbourne four years ago, who is moving over to Wish.

Labour's councillor Heather James gained plaudits for her work in helping to provide a paddling pool at the Lagoon and she is trying to get a skate park there.

She speaks on open spaces and the environment for the council.

Councillor Pat Murphy has expertise in housing and has been instrumental in helping to provide more in the northern end of the ward.

Lib Dems are fielding two candidates in a ward which, at one time, they fared well in. Greens complete the list.

Wish always used to be a Tory stronghold but it is a ward of two halves with more Labour support north of Portland Road.

Issues there are likely to include housing and improving Stoneham Park, while traffic problems will loom larger elsewhere.

Candidates (two seats): Susan Marilyn Baumgardt, Green; Heather James, Lab; Edward Kemble, Con; Patrick Murphy, Lab; Garry Peltzer Dunn, Con; Stephen Roland Potts, Lib Dem; Robert Stockman, Lib Dem; Elizabeth Laura Wakefield, Green.