Why does there seem to be a growing interest among people from all walks of life in spiritual healing and Ayurvedic herbs?

The answer is simple. We have allowed our fantasies of modern life to drag us into a highly-demanding workaholic and aspirational lifestyle, resulting in stress levels that require supernatural intervention to make us at peace with ourselves.

Crushed in the middle of all this, young people struggle to work in an enjoyable environment where they can see some healthy future.

Mental and emotional stress is the biggest problem we need to tackle if we are to build a healthy nation.

The only way to prevent stress and find release from our negative frame of mind is to interact with those around us with a flow of love and affection.

Here is the five-minute holistic de-stress technique that we teach at management futures (www.managementfutures.co.uk) which you might find useful in your daily life:

Take one or two-minute breaks every half-hour to revive your brain cells. This allows time for the neurotransmitters in the brain to regenerate so you can maintain interest in your work.

Pain in the neck? A brisk, firm massage of the head and neck from time to time helps enormously to relieve tiredness, stress and anxiety.

Neck and back release: Do some regular, simple stretching and rotation of the neck and back. Swing your arms and twist your waist. Get up from that chair.

The breath of life: Two to three exercises of deep diaphragmatic breathing have the power to unwind and enliven you in seconds. Sit upright, close your eyes and breathe out your stress with a deep sigh.

Take a deep breath in and say: "I am breathing in my life force". Hold your breath for a few seconds and see your smiling, blissful self behind your eyes. Then breath out slowly and say: "I am breathing out my stress."

Mood in a cup: Drink energising and calming herb teas such as ginger, mint, chamomile, lemon or other fruit teas and plenty of water to prevent dehydration and headaches.

Team work: Help one another by giving a shoulder and back massage with gentle thumps. This is very comforting and generates a good laugh which is healing. It disperses the tension in the back muscles and the mind.

Common sense? Then let's do it.

Remember: Women function differently from men. They can listen to men talking while operating a computer and answering the phone at the same time. Men haven't got the corpus callosum for it.

Read Allan and Barbara Pease's Why Men Don't Listen And Women Cannot Read Maps if you don't believe me.