The Tories should face no trouble in gaining control of the new suburban ward of Withdean.

They are fielding their experienced team of three councillors, who currently represent the smaller Westdene ward.

Pat Drake is one of the safest pairs of political hands on the council. She was a leading member of the administration on East Sussex County Council, specialising in finance and transport.

With her is the husband-and-wife team of Ann and Ken Norman. Ann has been speaking for the Tories on social care and health, while Ken has been a stalwart of the local Conservative association.

Labour, Greens and the Lib Dems are each fielding three candidates to give the electorate a real choice.

The main issue in this ward is the impact of Brighton and Hove Albion, whose temporary use of Withdean Stadium has extended far beyond the original term.

While most football fans are well behaved, there is concern over the minority who are not.

There are also concerns over breaches of the traffic cordon.

There are traffic problems in London Road and Dyke Road, while many residents are also worried about a proliferation of telecommunications masts.

Candidates (three seats): Patricia Drake, Con; Iain Findlay, Lab; Peter Thomas Garratt, Lib Dem; Derek Vivian Hall, Lib Dem; Gareth Alun Jones, Lab; James Lea, Green; Lynn MacKenzie, Green; Donald William McBeth, Lib Dem; Ann Norman, Con; Kenneth Norman, Con; Jane Lewis Peckham, Lab; Fiona Williams, Green.