Have you ever felt the vibes in your office are unhealthy?

That the arrangement of furniture, the direction your windows face, the amount of air, light and space, and the people you come across on a regular basis cause tension, stress and ill health rather than a healthy, happy temperament? At home, do you feel the head of your bed is arranged in the wrong direction so your sleep is disturbed? Try placing the head of the bed facing east and see if you get a better nights sleep.

Today, sick building syndrome is widely recognised. Many architects invite Feng Shui experts to survey new buildings in a bid to create a less stressful environment for the people working there.

In the Indian tradition, before you move into a new home or office or construct a new building, a religious ceremony is carried out to drive away evil forces and negative vibrations from the area and generate a positive field of energy and good feelings. This is also said to infuse the place with Prana - or life force - and bring about harmony of the elements and natural cosmic energies in the atmosphere and in the minds of the people present.

Astrological charts are also consulted to check for healthy and unhealthy cosmic energy currents.

This ceremony is called Vastu (abode) and is based on the ancient Hindu Vedic science of constructing and furnishing healthy buildings and dwellings called Vastu Shastra (abode science).

In their book Secrets Of Vastu Shastra, an engineer and an astrologer, Sahasrabudhe and Mahate, give a fascinating account of the co-relation between modern scientific fact and the ancient science of Vastu. For example, they mention that the basic energy-promoting shape with the least resistance is the helix, found everywhere from microscopic DNA to the Milky Way.

The suggestion is that designing your home or office buildings, pathways and interiors in a three-dimensional helix formation bestows the greatest peace and positive energy.

Various energy currents in the atmosphere around us are the result of gravitational energy, cosmic rays, geomagnetic fields and temperature gradients. As our bodies and mind are also made up of electromagnetic fields of energy, there is bound to be an effect on our health and psyche.

The east direction is bestowed with healthy energy from the sun while the south-west is draining. This is why the main door to the house should open to the east to bring in healthy solar energy.

Arranging aromatic house plants in south-west corners of the rooms is said to reduce the effect of unhealthy energy flow.

And soft chimes in the doorway welcome the divine spirits. Sleeping with your head facing south can cause insomnia and even lose you your job.

It is a mysterious world we live in.

Dr Milind Jani works as a conventional and
holistic GP and Dr Asmita Jani as Ayurvedic Consultant from 3 Eaton Gardens, Hove.

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