Conflict causes insecurity, damping down the spirit which allows us to feel joyous.

The ancient vedas or spiritual sciences, as well as modern spiritual masters around the world, proclaim the only way to resolve conflict is to become aware of our inner spirit or spiritual being.

This helps us employ non-violent methods of conflict resolution instead of front-line violence. In fact, thinking about it, we do that subconsciously anyway when we behave with each other in a friendly and dignified manner.

When resolving conflict, the unspoken thought in your mind should be: "I would rather love than hate."

Let us remind ourselves of the saints and prophets who walked this world throughout the ages, sharing experience of the divine power with the common man and helping, protecting and soothing human fears and suffering.

While to feel threatened is a natural instinct, aggression is a natural defence mechanism bestowed upon all living beings for the fight for survival, originally from natural disasters, now more commonly from man-made threats.

Conflicts and threats are due to a confused and confounded mind which sees itself as a separate being from others.

The truth is, we are all connected to Nature by an all-pervading vibrant intelligent life force which we call the creative energy or God.

The Isavasya Upanishad, an ancient Indian scripture, says: "The seer sees constantly the self in all beings and all beings in the self. Where then is the scope for grief and greed?"

This morning, I received a copy of Caduceus, a popular magazine devoted to holistic and spiritual healing.

Sarida Brown, the editor, includes a reminder of some of the greatest saints who came from Iraq and of its priceless ancient monuments, some of which date back to 1500BC, bearing witness to the great mystical heritage of Iraq.

Rabia Basri (717AD) is celebrated as one of the greatest woman saints in history, whose meditation, prayer and wisdom benefited the community.

Such enlightened people work as mediators of non-violent conflict resolution.

The teachings of Sufi prophets such as Junaid Baghdadi (900AD) and Abdul Qadir Jilani (100AD) provide solace and spiritual enlightenment to many people round the world even today.

Sarida mentions the Mosque of Ali in Kufa, southwest of Baghdad, which is known as the "Twelve Prayer Rugs" because it is believed 12 holy persons, including the prophets Adam, Abraham and Noah, prayed there at different times in history.

Imam Hussein was a 7th-Century martyr who fought against an autocratic regime.

People find ways of sorting out their problems in their own countries.

Thomas Berry, one of the greatest thinkers of modern times, has urged humanity to enter into a new partnership with the Earth.

He says: "Healing presupposes an integral unity of things. You cannot have well humans on a sick planet. You cannot have a viable human economy by destroying the Earth's economy."

Dr Milind Jani works as a conventional and holistic GP and Dr Asmita Jani as Ayurvedic Consultant from 3 Eaton Gardens, Hove.

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