Why is correct breathing and posture so important?

When anyone comes to me for a holistic treatment, whether it is for back pain or anxiety, heart disease or cancer, the first thing I teach them is correct yogic breathing, which I have modified using some of my observations of physiology and anatomy.

Is it any wonder we fall ill when we are only giving our body half the oxygen it needs? We all know our life depends on oxygen but how many people are aware that so, too, is the healing of our body tissues?

In addition to this, I believe that when we breathe, we also take in a vibrant life force which is present everywhere and which nature has provided to give us that elated feeling of being alive.

Have you noticed how different and full of life you feel when you go into an open field on a sunny day and take in deep breaths of fresh air?

In order to prevent or treat illness, I believe deep yogic breathing and Pranayam technique is vital. I say yogic breathing because there is no equivalent in modern medical or Western breathing techniques.

Ancient Ayurvedic physicians learned and taught proper physiology and developed this most vital natural art of self-healing.

Proper breathing technique can lead you into meditation to heal your mind, body and spirit, whatever religion you follow.

Pranayam or yogic breathing is a universal self-healing technique natural to all human beings as it is based on your own breath.

Almost all of us forget to breathe properly during the day while we are running around getting through our chores, with all our attention focused on our work. Our posture is almost invariably poor and we go through life using hardly 30 per cent of our lung capacity.

As the cells of organs such as the heart, lungs, brain cells, blood, muscles and bowel get deprived of oxygen, you can imagine how disease slowly starts developing.

In order to get the full benefit of correct breathing, posture is very important.

A straight spine and neck and braced shoulders not only enable you to expand your rib cage to its maximum capacity but also relieve stiffness and pain in the back and neck.

Moreover, you can feel the life energy flowing through the spine, enlivening you and clearing your head. This is particularly important for people sitting at a desk or in front of a computer for a long time.

Every hour, even if you are relaxing at home doing nothing, give yourself a big stretch, swing your arms around, twist at the waist a few times and do some deep breathing. Then drink a warm cup of ginger and nutmeg pick-me-up tea.

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