In the Vedic Hindu civilisation, which flourished on the banks of the Indus valley 5,000 years ago, the scholars and the people detoxed and rejuvenated the whole being.

They took care of mind, body and spirit - in order to live more than 100 years and enjoy good health into old age.

They created a system of meditation and yoga for the ultimate spiritual healing of the body, mind and emotions to keep you feeling young and energetic well into old age.

Along with this, the Ayurvedic sages and physicians combed the natural vegetation to discover rejuvenating herbs and minerals to prevent illness and maintain their robust health, youthfullness, sexual vigour and immune systems.

Some common, powerful rejuvenating herbs prescribed by Ayurveda are as follows:

Ashwagandha: Also known as winter cherry root or Withania somnifera (meaning the smell of a horse), it gives strength and sexual energy.

According to Ayurveda, it promotes the Ojas (essence of total body energy), adapts the mind to stress and builds your muscle tissue.

The root powder is taken in the dose of one to two teaspoonfuls in warm milk.

It is asatvic herb - purifying body, mind and spirit. It works to reduce anxiety and acts as an anti-depressant.

It also relieves fatigue. Its action is enhanced when taken with Brahmi (centella asiatica), for improved memory and concentration, sarpagandha and nutmeg, to calm the nerves, all in warm milk.

You can also take pure extract in capsules - dose 300mg twice a day.

Ashwagandha with rasayan churna: The latter is made from three powerful rasayan herbs: Amlaki (Indian gooseberry), gokshur (tribulus terestris) and guduchi (tinospora cordifolia).

This combination helps with sexual weakness and libido in both men and women. It has been shown to improve sexual function in pre-menopausal women when taken with shatavari (asparagus racemosus).

Satavari: Also known as asparagus racemosus, this is reputed to give you the life of a hundred brides.

It is a cooling and rejuvenating herb, mainly for women, which restores and stimulates the hormonal balance and helps maintain youthful skin.

Along with the root of musta (cyperus rotundus) and liqourice, this herb is very useful in maintaining the female vitality, helping with premenstrual tension.

Haritaki (terminalia chebula): The herb that pleases the god Shiva - the god of yoga and eternal health.

It is the king of herbs and a good laxative, blood purifier, liver purifier and skin rejuvenator.

It is often taken with the celebrated rejuvenating mixture of trifala-amlaki and bibhitaki.

Basil: Tulsi, or holy basil, is a spiritual herb which purifies the mind and the spirit.

It also clears the lungs and toxins in the body, giving you youthful skin. It is used in religious rituals as an offering to the creator, as Tulsi is thought to be endowed with spiritual energy to give eternal life.

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