Hundreds of people in Sussex suffer from the misery of sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis which, in some cases, can be difficult to control.

Martin James, from Eastbourne, suffered chronic asthma and very sensitive skin when he was a child.

He eventually grew out of the asthma but the sensitive skin remained and, many years later, a number of "sun spots" developed on his arm and face.

His doctor treated them with liquid nitrogen, which healed the affected areas but left a white scar.

So, when two more "sun spots" appeared on his forehead, Mr James turned to a more natural product, developed by former burns nurse Elena Schalburg.

Her day and night creams helped to keep the problem at bay and eliminate any dry patches on Mr James' skin.

Two years ago, Michelle, from Brighton, was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo a mastectomy.

The area around the scar was sore and tender but she kept on using Elena's day cream and body lotion and doctors were very pleased with the way the scar healed.

Elena first became interested in developing a range of creams when she started working with burns victims at Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead in 1985.

She began to wonder whether there might be a more natural way to ease the redness and scarring from burns than the usual NHS issue creams.

Now, 15 years on, she has created several natural beauty products including day and night creams, a cleaning tonic and sunblocks.

She has also developed a cream called Eureka, whoseingredients include seaweed and sugar root.

It is so thick, is almost like butter and has proved to be very effective.

Elena says: "I have had numerous responses from people who have tried the cream and are delighted with the results.

"So many children have terrible eczema and their parents don't know what to do. They are willing to try anything that can help bring relief.

"You can't expect it to help everyone or be a miracle cure but, for many people, it does terrific job. I have had cases of eczema and psoriasis clearing up completely.

"I first started using the cream on burns patients and it stopped the redness and speeded up the healing process."

The ingredients Elena uses are chosen for their vitamin and mineral contents and their purity.

Paraffin or petroleum based by-products are not used and most of the ingredients come from a health farm in Denmark, where Elena was born.

Elena mixes creams and products at her home in Wadhurst and, after 15 years, has managed to perfect the process.

She always treats the making of her products as if she is cooking a gourmet meal or a cake from scratch.

Elena says: "If you compare a mass-produced cake with a home-made cake you soon realise one tastes much better.

"It is the same with the creams you can have mass-produced, expensive creams but I don't believe they are any more effective than basic, natural ones like mine."

Her formulas have an 80-90 per cent success rate and the creams all soothe, heal, lubricate and help problem skin.

Ingredients include essential oils of lavender, for healing; geranium, for soothing; camomile, an antiinflammatory and tea tree, an anti-bacterial.

The creams mainly help people with eczema and psoriasis but they have also helped other conditions.

These include an irritated scalp, cradle cap, head lice, sore nipples in breast-feeding, varicose veins, nappy rash, acne spots and blemishes.

For more information, write to 2 St Georges Cottages, Brinkers Lane, Wadhurst, East Sussex TN5 6LT, call 01892 783753 or visit