As the the internet and email continues to be a daily part of people's lives, another idea has been developed which may help the health of many.

The phrases email and ecommerce are well known but, now, Steven Lee, from Hove, has come up with the idea of e-medicine.

Using a special computer programme and a sample of hair, he can determine a person's health and fitness and put them on the right road to recovery.

The expensive computer equipment was developed in the US and is still very rare in this country.

Mr Lee says it is offering people another choice in the type of medicine and treatment they want to use.

He said: "It is very different and very new. What we are asking is for people to open their minds and give it a go.

People who have tried it have been really impressed by the results.

"Everything is still at a very early stage and once we have managed to get things up and running and more people involved, we can start to collate the results and do some comparisons."

Mr Lee has been involved with a variety of alternative and homeopathic treatments and therapies.

These include kinesiology which treats hormonal imbalance through the muscles.

He says the new computer generated treatment takes this idea a step further and converts a person's energy into electronic data which can then be broken down into various component parts.

Mr Lee said: "It's an energy rather than a chemical analysis, which is able to detect imbalances in the human system."

During a session, a hair sample is placed on a machine connected to the computer and its reading is transferred into data.

The system tests various organs, the immune system, glands, veins, blood, saliva and even water levels.

It then gets a basic vitality reading for each section. Any large deviation from that reading will then indicate a possible problem.

Mr Lee said: "It is a real holistic approach. We can check out just about anything. It is a very thorough test and has already shown some success.

"I've got people to try out this system by sending me a sample of their hair through the post and then I've carried out the test.

"The indications are very good. We have managed to discover problems with eczema and asthma and problems with the heart."

Mr Lee can offer people conventional homeopathic treatments for any problems that may be picked up.

But he believes people can also be healed through the computer screen by a specially created "e-pill" he creates and sends to them.

He said: "It's a very different idea and way of thinking but it does not mean it should be dismissed out of hand.

People are always suspicious of new things but they are always worth a try."

The people who have come to Mr Lee, so far, are those who have become tired and exhausted from their usual treatments.

He can check their body's reactions to various foods and vitamins and trace a possible shortage or surplus of nutrients.

He said: "I like to look at approaches to medicine apart from the conventional ones.

There are many people now trying out therapies such as light therapy, which was, at one time, looked at with great suspicion.

"This is completely different but it gives people a chance to come at things from another direction."

Lewes GP Michael Edwards said he appreciated people's wish to try different approaches but warned if they showed serious symptoms they should look to more conventional medicine.

He said: "There are some cases where only pharmaceutical drugs or general operations will do the trick. Anyone showing continuous symptoms should contact their GP."

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