Is it just me or have I been exposed to a lot of whingeing recently?

People moaning about their state of health whilst exposing their bodies to hazardous material such as pesticides, excess sugar and hydrogenated fats. Worrying about their children's behaviour whilst cramming them full of junk and E numbers.

It seems fashionable to run from one specialist to another, expecting them to solve problems that are, more often than not, associated with what people are putting in their mouths in the first place.

Let's stop and take some responsibility, by taking control of what we shove into our bodies on a daily basis.

If we voice our opinions and shout loudly enough, the supermarket gods and food technology giants will hear them. Iceland, for example, has already banned E-numbers and GM ingredients.

Superstores have suddenly realised that it is hip to go organic. With a little more encouragement they should stock only fresh and natural foods fit for human consumption. Some clients tell me the problem is knowing what to replace processed foods with.

One super food with proven health benefits is tofu or soybean curd. It has properties known to alleviate menopausal symptoms and reduce the risk of cancer, raised cholesterol and heart disease. It can be used in sweet and savoury dishes.

An excellent protein source for elderly people who prefer foods that are easy to chew and digest, as well as a good first protein food for infants when combined with pureed fruits or vegetables.

Firm tofu is ideal for slicing or dicing in place of meat. Soft tofu makes wonderful 'milk ' shakes when blended with fruit and soya milk .

It is used instead of mayonnaise for creamy dressings and sauces. Tofu easily replaces the use of cheese and eggs.

Tricks with Tofu:

*Mash tofu with cottage cheese and seasoning to make a sandwich spread.

*Make scrambled tofu instead of eggs: mash firm tofu and saute in olive oil with onions, salt, pepper and herbs.

*Marinate tofu slices in soy sauce, grill lightly and serve on bread.

*Process a packet of tofu and a can of pitted prunes for an instant yummy pudding or freeze in ice-lolly moulds as a healthy treat for kids (dilute with soya milk).

*Blend tofu with melted chocolate chips for a wicked chocolate cream pie.

The list is endless, have fun experimenting!

Store tofu in the fridge, cover in water to keep fresh and change the water daily so it lasts for up to a week.

Buy in health stores such as Infinity or Sunny Foods - the fresher, the tastier!