There is probably no such thing as a safe Liberal Democrat seat in the city but Brunswick and Adelaide is the nearest thing to it.

The Lib Dems have made it their base for the past 20 years and they do not intend to let it go.

Brunswick and Adelaide has been reduced from three to two seats under a scheme to change the ward representation in the city.

Contesting the seats for the Lib Dems are group leader Paul Elgood and the current city Mayor David Watkins.

But Labour, which held Brunswick for three years from 1996, is mounting a fierce challenge.

Long-serving councillor John Warmington has stepped across from neighbouring Regency to fight the seat along with Daniel Fox.

The Tories have also put up two candidates but the ward is not their top target.

It is a stark contrast to 35 years ago when Brunswick was such a safe Tory ward the other parties did not even bother to contest it.

The Greens will find some sympathy for their policies here but not enough to win.

The contest will be further enlivened by two well known independents, Nigel Furness and Valentine Hogan.

The vote gathering skills of Mr Furness, a regular in the public gallery at council meetings, should not be underestimated.

Main issues in this lively, cosmopolitan ward are likely to be housing, parking and litter collection.

Once the poshest part of Hove, it now consists mainly of the bedsitter belt.

Candidates (two seats):

Liberal Democrats - Paul Elgood, David Watkins.

Labour - John Warmington, Daniel Peter Fox.

Conservatives - Harry Haynes, Debra Wade.

Greens - Hazel Ellison, Felicity Tanous.

Independent - Nigel Furness, Valentine Hogan.