Jenny Barnard-Langston is one of the best known public figures in Brighton and Hove.

She cut a dash as mayor and only two years ago she was Tory candidate standing against Ivor Caplin in the general election for Hove.

Then she made a well publicised switch to the Lib Dems.

Sadly, her husband Steve died, and she later married Tory councillor Mark Barnard.

He switched parties with her. Now they have migrated from their seats in Goldsmid and Hangleton to contest the new central Hove ward.

The Tories are fielding two community campaigners, Averil Older and Jan Young.

Labour also has high hopes of winning in an area, which contains a bulk of the present Labour-held Vallance ward.

To complicate the mix further, the Greens are fielding a pair of candidates.

There was also an independent but she has now withdrawn.

The main local campaign issue is likely to be the future of the King Alfred Leisure centre.

Three bidders to redevelop it have all proposed tower blocks which house more than 400 flats.

Although some of the world's top architects are involved, many locals do not like skyscrapers.

Parking and housing are also likely to be contentious issues in this crowded ward.

Candidates (two seats):

Liberal Democrats - Mark Barnard, Jenny Barnard-Langston.

Conservative - Averil Older, Jan Young.

Labour - Alun Wynne Jones, Christopher Wainwright.

Greens - Michael John Butler, Jacqueline Susan Da Costa.