The new East Brighton seat should be one of the safest in the city for the ruling Labour Party.

As such you might have expected it to field some of its longest-serving figures, such as Councillor Mo Marsh, who now represents Marine ward.

But Coun Marsh was not chosen. Instead, the party plumped for two comparative unknowns, Warren Morgan and Craig Turton.

Both men are politically active and Mr Turton has already served as a councillor in London.

The third choice is rising Labour star Gill Mitchell, who now represents King's Cliff. If the party retains power, she is destined for a top job.

This new ward includes Whitehawk and several other council estates and should be solid for Labour.

But the other parties will all be trying to chip away at the majority. They include Socialist Labour campaigner John McLeod, who has stood in elections before.

Tories should fare best of the contenders. About 20 years ago, the party was firmly in charge of most seafront wards in the city.

One of their candidates for East Brighton is their youthful agent, Ed Faulkner.

An issue in this ward could be the future of council housing and whether it will remain under the full control of the authority.

Other talking points will include parking and the redevelopment at the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

Candidates (three seats):

Labour - Warren Morgan, Gillian Mitchell, Craig Turton.

Socialist Labour - John McLeod.

Liberal Democrats - John Barrow, Richard Bowden, Thomas William Stokes.

Conservatives - Edward George Faulkner, Sally Ann Wells, Ian Dermott Middleton.

Greens - Diana Hicks, Julia Knowles, Stephen McLaren Watson.