Goldsmid was a safe Tory ward until two years ago when there was a by-election following the premature death of Councillor Steve Langston.

In the wake of the general election, Vince Meegan slipped in for Labour.

Then the two other councillors defected to become independent and Liberal Democrat.

Now the ward has been expanded, it is particularly tricky to call and both main parties are fighting it hard. Whatever happens, at least one councillor must fall.

Coun Meegan is the only one of the current Goldsmid crop to be standing there again. Affable and hard working, he is a good community campaigner.

Alongside him is the formidable Frieda Warman-Brown, daughter of former deputy Labour Prime Minister George Brown, a retired headteacher and city education councillor for some years.

The third Labour contender is one of the youngest of their councillors, Simon Battle, who is now in charge of transport.

Tories are fielding veteran campaigner Brian Rowe, former group leader on Hove Council, who has moved over from Stanford and has plenty of experience. He will be with newcomers Steve Harmer-Strange and Anne Giebler.

The Liberal Democrats are also making a determined effort in this ward. Top of the list is former Brunswick councillor Bob Bailey, a flamboyant figure, and Jo Lake, who was a member of East Sussex County Council. Their third candidate is campaigner Ron Bakere.

Greens are also fielding a full team, complicating the campaign.

Issues in the ward are likely to include the new controlled parking scheme, traffic and housing.

Control of this ward could decide who is in charge of the city council.

Candidates (three seats):

Labour - Vincent Meegan, Frieda Warman-Brown, Simon Battle.

Liberal Democrats - Bob Bailey, Ronald Duncan Bakere, Josephine Lake.

Conservatives - Steven Harmer-Strange, Brian Rowe, Anne Giebeler.

Greens - Gordon Robert Hudson, Susan Elizabeth Board, Jenny Deadman.