Young political enthusiasts are rubbing their eyes with wonder as veteran campaigner Brian Fitch takes up every issue and goes to every doorstep in this large, new ward.

Coun Fitch has moved over from Hollingbury ward now he lives in Hove.

He has been a councillor for 30 years and is determined to be elected again in what should be a Labour ward with a large amount of council housing.

With him is current Hangleton Labour councillor Gerry Kielty, who lives on the Knoll estate and who is in charge of adult social services. The third contender is James Thompson.

But the Tories are fighting to win. Peter Willows, another Hangleton councillor, lives in the ward and is known to many electors. He has bounced back from defeat before.

Former Tory agent Stephen Wade, who represents Nevill ward, is also determined to continue and the third member of a strong team is community activist Dawn Barnett.

A complicating factor could be ex-Labour councillor David Newland, standing for Socialist Alliance Against The War. He got enough votes last time to help split the vote.

Liberal Democrats and Greens are fielding full slates as well and there is also an independent.

The future of council housing is an issue in this ward, which also has traffic problems. Residents will be interested in the future of the Downs and Toad's Hole Valley.

Candidates (three seats):

Conservatives - Peter Willows, Stephen Wade, Dawn Barnett.

Labour - Brian Fitch, James Edward Thompson, Gerry Kielty.

Liberal Democrats - David John Sears, Lee Shingles, Emily Pearson.

Greens - Matthew Leo Dunton, Lucette Patricia Forrest, Jean Cheryl Jones.

Independent - Gregory McAusland.

Socialist Alliance Against The War - David Newland.