Greens are fighting hard to win the new seat of Hanover and Elm Grove but they have a big problem.

How do they out-green Labour councillor Joyce Edmond-Smith, who chairs the Sustainability Commission, rides a bike and has solar panels on her Hanover house?

The answer could be by labelling their candidates first, second and third choice in the hope of getting at least one in, as happened in St Peter's seven years ago.

This should be a strong Labour ward with plenty of council housing and gentrified terraces. The old Hanover ward has always been Labour apart from a brief Tory period in the late Sixties.

But Greens will hope to capitalise on dissatisfaction with the war and Labour policies.

The other two Labour candidates represent Tenantry ward at present.

John Ballance was once environment councillor while John Newington has an expertise in scrutiny and personnel.

Greens have put Joseph Randall as their first choice with Georgia Wrighton and Robert Jarrett next.

The Tories and Lib Dems each field three candidates in a ward that will not be either of their main targets and there is a Socialist Alliance contender.

This ward covers one of the most densely-packed areas in southern England where housing, transport and education are major issues. There is also more than average interest in environmental issues.

Candidates (three seats):

Labour - Joyce Edmond-Smith, John Ballance, John Newington.

Greens - Joseph Randall, Georgia Wrighton, Robert Jarrett.

Socialist Alliance Against The War - David John Fellows.

Liberal Democrats - Graham Roy Hunnable, Martin Thomas Lindsay-Hills, Diana Hetty Owen.

Conservative - Luke McCabe, Peter Charles Neish, James Daniel Roochove.