The combined ward of Moulsecoomb and Bevendean covers several of Brighton's biggest council estates.

It ought to be safe for Labour.

Indeed, if the party lost this ward, it would be down to just a handful of seats on an authority it has dominated for the last seven years.

But in a fluid political world with a war on, it's worth remembering that the old, smaller Moulsecoomb ward has been lost to the Tories more than once in the past.

Labour is fielding its current Moulsecoomb team in this election and all three have plenty of experience.

Jack Hazelgrove, now chairing the housing sub-committee, and Anne Meadows are both politicians of independent spirit well known in the community.

Francis Tonks, a former mayor, has rebelled against the ruling Labour group before but, like his colleagues, is back onside now.

None of the other parties is targeting Moulsecoomb but the Greens, Lib Dems and Conservatives are all fielding full teams.

Ian Hills, who wants tenant control over council housing and referenda on all major local issues, represents the UK Independence Party.

Housing is always likely to be an issue in this ward as is the community stadium in its north-eastern tip at Falmer.

Voters can also make up their minds on whether the eb4U campaign pumping millions of pounds of Government aid into East Brighton is proving successful.

Candidates (three seats):

Labour - Jack Hazelgrove, Anne Meadows, Francis Tonks.

Conservatives - Joan Mary Champion, Brian Clifford Dando, Martin Dalrymple Smith.

Liberal Democrats - Andrea Bain, Paul Edward Durden, Bernard Edward Huggins.

Greens - Kate Elizabeth Louise Chapman, Barry Mills, Ian George Needham UK Independence Party - Ian Ronald Hills.