Now June has arrived, a lot of people's thoughts will be turning to getting fit and healthy for the long summer days.

For those who want to cover up as little as possible and sun themselves on the beach, it is time to get in a little exercise and watch their diet.

A growing number of people are now turning to personal trainers or sports massage therapists to give them the extra incentive they need to get fit and stay fit.

For two Sussex people, a lifetime interest in sport and keeping fit has led them to make career-changing decisions.

Less than a year ago, Dermot Comar was working in the customer services section for British Airways at Gatwick Airport.

Faced with redundancy, he took a long, hard look at his career and realised he needed to make some major changes.

He had always had an interest in football and health and so decided to do something about it.

Mr Comar, from Brighton, took up a Premier International training course at the David Lloyd Health Centre at Brighton Marina and, three months later, qualified as a sports massage therapist.

A couple of months after qualifying, he managed to get a trial as therapist for West Ham Football Club in London and has now been given a permanent post.

He said: "It is absolutely tremendous. I am combining two things which are very important to me. It has completely changed my life.

"In the end, the redundancy was a blessing in disguise. If it hadn't come up, I would still be doing the same thing now.

"I have always been interested in sports and keeping fit. Now I am able to help others as well as provide an important service."

well as helping keep Premiership footballers in top condition, Mr Comar looks after patients in Sussex who need help with massage therapy sessions.

These include people who suffered sports injuries who have had accidents which have left them with problems with their backs, shoulders or necks.

is also able to help people with long-term painful conditions such as arthritis.

Amanda Hall ran regularly when she was younger got out of the habit after got a job running a pub Brighton.

When she decided to get fit again, her long working hours made it difficult to get in as much running and visits to the gym as she would have liked.

So she decided to take the plunge and go into a full-time training course and now works as a sports massage therapist and personal trainer.

She said: "It was a bit daunting at first but I soon realised I had done the best thing possible.

"I am very busy now as I do a lot of courses both for individuals and classes and I am getting a lot more out of it. It has certainly been worth it."

Both Mr Comar and Miss Hall say getting out of the jobs they were in has not only helped with their own health and fitness, now they are in a position to help others.

Lewes GP Michael Edwards said: "Even the smallest amount of exercise can do a lot of good but it is not enough on its own.

"Personal trainers will also give information about nutrition and specific exercise plans can be drawn up to suit an individual.

"Often people are asked to look at changing their lifestyle. If they spend all day in front of a computer screen, the last thing they are going to want to do is go out for some exercise when they get home.

"There are so many problems that can be caused or made worse by people being overweight or out of condition.

"Regular exercise, no matter how little, will always go some way toward improving things.

"If you are doing sports on a regular basis, whether for fun or professionally, a massage therapist will help keep you in good shape and make sure you don't overdo things, especially if you are recovering from an injury."

For more details, call Mr Comar on 07932 304657 or Miss Hall on 07733 368021.