Strip, gyrate and lose weight all at the same time. It sounds more like a scene from a movie than an aerobics workout.

But cardio striptease is fast becoming the trendiest way to keep fit.

Jennifer Aniston has taken up the hobby and has signed up for classes where participants peel off their clothes during an energetic workout at Hollywood's Crunch Gym.

Angelina Jolie reportedly had a pole erected in her bedroom to fulfil her pole dancing ambitions and says it is on her Top Ten list of things to do.

And Sadie Frost, wife of actor Jude Law, is also a fan. "People think pole dancing is a bit seedy but I would rather do it than aerobics - you get a better body," she says.

Jo King, teacher at the London School of Striptease, explains how she helps pupils: "Most people want to tap into their sensuality but they don't know how.

"I teach my students to use the moves they feel comfortable with and encourage them to feel good about themselves. That is the key to striptease."

King insists it is something anyone can do - regardless of size, body shape or age - saying it is a seduction of the mind using eye contact, over exaggerated body moves and exuding an aura of self-confidence and sensuality.

Exotic dance is an alternative and can be combined with striptease. The exercises are very similar to an aerobics workout.

Tone up the legs by standing facing a wall or mirror with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Bend your legs slightly, rise on to the balls of your feet and push your bottom out.

Rotate your hips round to the left and right, keeping the top half of your body centred at all times. Repeat the exercise ten to 15 times in each direction.

Trim up the stomach and arms by standing with your back flat against a wall or mirror.

Put your arms out to the side and pull your right leg up to your knee and hold the position for five seconds, repeat with other leg.

It is important to keep your lower back firmly against the wall and shoulders down. Repeat six to eight sets.

Erotic workouts are all about attitude. Stand with your shoulders back, chin up and one hand resting on your hip. Strut from one end of the room to the other kicking first the right leg, bend at the knee and then cross it over the left leg and repeat for both legs.

"The most important thing is to walk properly as you need to move around when you are doing your routine," says King.

"If you walk between moves like a lumberjack you will break the spell."

You can contact the London School of Striptease on 07958 314 107. For exotic dance, contact Third Space on 020 7439 6333 for details of classes taught by Helen Jackson.