The combination of more leisure time and an emphasis on keeping fit has brought a huge increase in outdoor activities.

You only have to look at any green area outside the city and you will find people hang-gliding, orienteering, riding, biking or even just walking.

If walking doesn't appeal to you but seeing the countryside off the beaten track does, you could always invest in a motorcycle. That way, you will get plenty of fresh air and not tire yourself out.

If you have been left behind in the drive for health and fitness, you ought to start investigating what is available.

Exercise, no matter how gentle, is good for you and these days, with sport and health clubs springing up all over, it's easy to get started.

A good health club can offer a range of facilities, most of them fairly painless, along with good advice. Some of them will also devise personal fitness programmes for clients.

At most health clubs, you can even indulge in a sauna or hot whirlpool bath, which will help soothe any self-inflicted aches, or relax on a sunbed and work towards a tan.

Some also offer treatments and therapies such as reflexology or sports massage for after that sweaty hour spent on the squash court.

Squash is certainly a favourite for keep-fit addicts but you'll find all manner of classes to suit your level of ability and competitiveness.

It could be badminton for beginners, classes to improve swimming, judo, tennis or even dancing to keep fit.

You can enjoy the social scene, too, by joining a club where you can happily shed a few ounces at an aerobics class and then spend a pleasant hour in the bar afterwards putting the ounces back on again.

If you want to take your exercise a little less publicly, you might want to invest in some equipment for home, such as an exercise bike.

Weight training is something you can easily do at home. A set of dumbbells will not cost you a fortune but is is best to get expert advice so you don't overdo it.

Jogging is also extremely popular, judging from the numbers of breathless souls seen pounding the pavement.

Go on, make the most of the warm weather and put your best foot forward for some light exercise.