Training the right way is not always easy. It can be hard to make a start then maintain or increase the amount of training you do.

Another, equally hard, area to consider is how you are training.

This week I have included some important dos and don'ts.

Keep to them and they will enhance your training and, hopefully, the enjoyment of your exercise schedule.


Drink water when you are training. Aim to drink between 150-250ml for every 20 minutes you train.

Always concentrate on your breathing pattern. Keep it constant and try to exhale on the exertion.

Enjoy your training, even when hard. Think about the results an intensive training session will give you.

Only training correctly and with effort will bring the results you desire. There are no short cuts.

Always train within your limits. Try to push the limits but remember that you are different physically and mentally to the next person.

Try and train with someone. It will help you keep your training fresh and help you develop new training ideas.


Never sacrifice technique for lifting more weight.

Don't push yourself too much. Over exercising can be detrimental to your health and progression.

Don't use excuses. Be honest. Training should be an integral part of your lifestyle in order for you to achieve the results you want in both the short and long term.

Paul's Tip: Try to follow the advice on dos and don'ts and keep mentally involved in your training for better results.

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