Migraine is a debilitating condition that can have a big impact on work, education and social lives.

The most common symptoms experienced at the onset of an attack are partial sight loss, bright flashing lights or stars, difficulty speaking and numbness and loss of feeling.

A survey carried out by the Migraine Trust found 61 per cent of those questioned said losing control of their life was the single most important consequence of the condition.

Nine out of ten people experienced pain lasting anything between four and 72 hours while more than two thirds described it as either severe or moderate pain.

Hove-based therapist Kiti Miranda believes she has found a perfect solution to helping people regain control of their lives.

Ms Miranda recommends a device called a MigraPulse which was created by Steve Walpole and is already proving a success.

The human brain has to produce a certain number of electrical signals to operate properly but, in migraine sufferers, not enough signals are produced and problems develop.

The MigraPulse is a tiny device attached to a strap which a patient can wear on their wrist or attached to their belt.

The patient is scanned by a computer and the normal rate of electrical signals they produce is recorded.

The machine is linked to the computer and regularly takes mini-scans of the patient to check the signals are at their proper levels.

The device produces electrical pulses to maintain the correct level of signals and will adjust itself automatically in response to any changes in the body.

Ms Miranda says the people she sees who have tried out the device are reporting excellent results with many either having much milder migraine attacks or none at all.

She said: "I have used a similar device for many years but it did not change automatically and people would have to keep coming back for check-ups and to have the device adjusted.

"The fact the new machine can respond to the body and alter the signal without the person having to come back to my clinic and have the device reset makes a major difference.

"There are many factors which can cause changes in the electrical signals such as hormonal problems with women, stress, food allergies and environmental changes such as thunderstorms.

"Nothing is foolproof and the device may not be for everyone but the results so far have been very good.

"A lot of people who come to me have tried everything ranging from acupuncture and homeopathy to conventional medicines but nothing has worked for them.

"They are often quite desperate when they arrive and are willing to try anything.

"Because the machine may not work for all people, we have a 60-day refund scheme so they can get their money back if it doesn't."

Ms Miranda sees many people at her clinic in Albany Villas in Hove and also helps people in London, Scotland and from countries abroad.

One woman who regularly uses the MigraPulse is Linda Christie from Scotland.

She said: "To cure the endless recurring nausea and pain, I looked into many systems of therapy and healing but my headaches persisted and nothing seemed to touch the original cause.

"This device touches the roots of migraines, even in lifelong, chronic cases such as my own.

"The machine brings balance to the disruptive, inherited brain rhythms that triggered my migraine attacks.

"Life still holds the same stresses but I cope so much better. I can feel tired but it rarely escalates into a fullblown attack."

For more details about the machine, call Ms Miranda on 01273 739463.