Light relief this week with another quiz to catch you out.

No prizes for guessing the most sensible answer.

1. Apart from cranberries, which berries help to prevent cystitis?

a) Eric Clapton and The Travelling Wilburys.

b) Blueberries.

c) Beri-beri.

2. Who or what is Camellia Sinensis?

a) A favourite royal companion.

b) The plant from which green and black tea isderived.

c) A rare and complicated case of sinusitis.

3. Please find another term for "Pia de Indes":

a) Pina Colada b) Pineapple c) Pain from the inside 4. When is the herb Rhodiola most effective?

a) Prior to a yodelling competition.

b) To improve performance during stressful periods.

c) Whenever you mount a horse in the Wild West.

5. Which of the following are high-quality protein foods?

a) Potatoes, bread, rice, oats, pasta b) Meat, fish, eggs, dairy c) Beans and lentils 6. How come the Eskimos have less incidence of heart disease?

a) No mortgage worries they just buy an igloo DIY kit.

b) The Eskimo diet contains protective omega-3 fishoils.

c) It's impossible to smoke in a snowstorm.

7. Why do nutritionists object to refined sugar?

a) Maybe they have some kind of hang-up.

b) Eating too much sugar is a major cause of degenerative disease.

c) Sugar is naughty but nice.

8. What exactly is tofu?

a) A form of reflexology, inspired by the Duchess of York.

b) Soy-bean curd, versatile and high in protein.

c) A chewy sweet.

9. Name an important bone-building factor:

a) Cement.

b) Sufficient gastric acid to liberate minerals from food particles.

c) Cadmium.

RESULTS Mostly a's: You may have charm in buckets but your nutritional knowledge is sadly lacking. Arrange for someone to cater for you quickly.

Mostly c's: You realise the contribution good nutrition makes to your health but haven't quite got the plot. Stick with this column.

Mostly b's: You obviously cheated. Nobody ever gets everything right. Since you are such a teacher's pet, please send in some good ideas for the next quiz.