Anthony Asquith and Mark Tyrell are practising hypnotherapists who have organised a seminar to help people meet their New Year's resolutions.

The idea is to provide the help and support the public needs to lose weight and get fit in the months ahead.

By a combination of hypnotherapy, advice and information on making lifestyle changes and coping with daily life, they believe many people will benefit.

Mr Tyrell, from Brighton, runs Uncommon Knowledge, which delivers courses, information and products on psychological problems.

Mr Asquith, who is a hypnotherapist in Portslade, said: "We have had success with showing clients how they manage their weight and how they feel about themselves.

"The idea is to make them more positive. We are looking at a scientific and therapeutic approach.

"You hear about people who are on a constant cycle of yo-yo dieting, which cannot be good for them.

"We look at what goes on in the body once they have lost weight and then work on ways to manage that weight.

"For example, doing about 15 minutes of exercise three times a week can do a lot towards cutting the risk of a heart attack.

Mr Asquith said much of their work involves changing client's attitudes toward dieting and their food.

He said: "There are plenty of people who will sit down and manage to get through three Mars bars in one go and then feel guilty afterwards.

"Rather than say you should never have chocolate, we suggest you slow down, savour the taste of one bar and allow the sugar rush to hit.

"It is about focusing the mind and teaching people to trust themselves."

Hypnosis is a relaxed, focused, pleasant state of mind. It is an entirely natural state that a person can enter or leave at will.

According to the Health Education Authority, hypnotherapy is supported by more scientific evidence than any other complementary therapy.

Mr Asquith says a hypnosis session includes a discussion of the client's challenge or problem followed by a period of relaxation.

The client is in control at all times and nothing is done against hiss or her will.

The therapy can rapidly have positive effects. Many clients who may have spent their whole lives in fear of flying or spiders are surprised to find this no longer bothers them after only one session.

Solution-focused techniques will, typically, impact on a person's problems early on in therapy. A session usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

Hypnotherapy is said to help with a wide range of conditions and problems as well as weight loss.

These include alcohol abuse, allergies, fear of the dentist, depression, eating disorders, guilt, hay fever, lack of confidence, migraine, nightmares, anger, anxiety, asthma and stress and tension.

The seminar takes place at the Imperial Hotel in Hove on Tuesday at 7pm. For more details, call 01273 557799 or visit