As an actress, Britt Forsberg knows the importance of confidence, breathing properly and being able to project your voice.

She is also aware of the need to stay relaxed but also be warmed up and fit enough to cope with an audience.

As she developed her craft, Britt, who lives near Henfield, worked out a technique of physical exercises and voice training which she used to keep her prepared for whatever life threw at her.

She helped other actors as well but, as the years passed, she realised the technique could be applied to anyone and the idea of Body Voice was born.

Britt said: "It is a warm-up for the trials of everyday life and is good preparation for teaching, giving presentations, communicating better with the family or for any situation where a person needs to be open, alert and in control.

"I developed Body Voice to help actors and performers gain confidence and communicate better but soon realised anyone could benefit from what it offers.

"After all, there are so many people who want to express themselves more effectively and increase their self-confidence as well as get fit.

"A lot of people have to deal with problems and stress in society every day.

They could be running around using the mobile phone, having difficulties at work and trying to get the shopping done at the same time.

"Other things include getting the children sorted out, getting them to and from school and making sure they do their homework.

"Keeping fit means you will be able to keep yourself going and cope with all the day-to-day things. If you don't and you develop physical problems such as back pain. this can take over everything else.

"The idea of these sessions is for people to enjoy themselves and have some fun.

There are exercises but exercising and expressing yourself through your voice can also be fun."

Britt has recently started new courses in Brighton and Hove and Henfield for people interested in learning more.

She said: "We start off gradually and make sure people do not overdo things and carefully build things up."

One of the ways the sessions can help is to improve the confidence of people who have to do a lot of public speaking.

This can either be those who make regular speeches or people who are training to become teachers and need help to learn how to get their message across.

Britt said: "The whole idea is to help people become more aware of what is going on around them.

"They need to look at how they are reacting to others and how others are reacting to them.

"It is a matter of opening up, listening and being in control. They need to know what is happening and be sensitive to everything around while still making sure they are understood.

"A good speaker will listen change to and be in tune with the audience."

Britt says the sessions can help with people's concentration.

She said: "I have helped a lot of people, including those who do sports. Doing the sessions teaches them how to focus on something and be aware.

"If you're playing football, it is not just about watching the ball, it is about knowing exactly what is going on around you on the pitch."

Exercises during the sessions include running, jumping, stretching, sit-ups and press-ups.

Sessions also concentrate on the spine and the coccyx to release energy, strengthen the back and improve suppleness and posture.

Voice coaching includes exercises for the voice such as learning how to project it and using it to its fullest capacity.

Britt said: "There are lots of different types of exercise sessions and gym programmes available for people.

"This is something that is a bit different and useful for those who want to try an alternative."

For more details about group or private sessions, call Britt on 01273 495060 or write to Body Voice, PO Box 2536, Henfield BN5 9XF.