In recent articles, I have been covering prevention and managementof osteoporosis, which you may know as brittle-bone condition.

This week, I have included a set of exercises that can be used individually or as agroup of exercises in a circuit format.

These exercises are promoted to help prevent and cope with osteoporosis.

When partaking in these exercises, consider the safety notes and remember thatmany other exercises can also be used in conjunction with this workout to enhance its overall health benefits.

Exercise One: March and skip. This can be performed on the spot or while moving. Lift the knees as high as possible but no higher than 90 degrees at the hip. When landing, make sure the foot is not jerked and use your arms to help increase intensity and maintain rhythm. Keep a straight back (natural curvature) throughout the exercise.

Exercise Two: Wall-drop presses, three sets of 12 repetitions. When performing this exercise, think of performing a press up. Keep the back straight and perform the action as if you were performing a floor press-up.

Keep the elbows in towards the body throughout the lowering and upwardphase. Keep the hands facing the ceiling throughout the wall press.

Exercise Three: Side lunge. When performing the lunge, it is important to keep the knees in alignment with the feet. It is also very importantto push the backside away from you, as if you were sitting down on a chair. The hands should be placed on the hips to help stabilise the upper body. Aim to perform two lunges in one direction and then repeat in the opposite direction.

Paul's Tip: If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, it is advisable to consult a professional for a full and specific training programme.

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