Hopefully you will have enjoyed the benefits of working out with a fit ball following the exercises I gave you a fortnight ago.

The variety of exercises you can perform with a fit ball are unlimited, bringing a breath of fresh air to your training.

The fit ball can be used as a bench, weight and support mechanism for dynamic movement.

It can be used for squats, back extensions, calf raises, press-ups and tricep dips, to name but a few.

This week, I have included two exercises using a fit ball.

The tricep dip exercise is made more difficult as the fit ball provides an unstable support which places a greater strain on the main postural muscles.

The fit ball is of great advantage to the back extension exercises as it helps increase the range of the movement and also provides an unstable pivot point.

Exercise One -Tricep dip, 12-15 repetitions (1-3 sets)

Start by sitting on the ball. Place the hands, palm down and facing towards the legs, behind your buttocks.

The exercise uses bodyweight as resistance. The knees should be flexed during the downward movement and extended during the upward movement.

Keep the buttocks close to the ball at all times.

Exercise Two - Back extensions, 12-15 repetitions (1-3 sets)

To start, the hips should be placed on the ball and the knees flexed with the feet on the floor.

The back is flexed around the ball and, as the exercise is performed, the back is extended to a straight position.

Keep the head in alignment with the back as the back moves into full extension.

If you have had a previous back injury, you are advised to consult your GP before commencing this exercise.

Paul's Tip: Technique is fundamental to using a fit ball and should never be compromised to increase the intensity or the level of difficulty of the exercise.

Article by Paul Simmons. For advice or a free consultation, call Paul on 01273 595939 or 07970 686054.