So, Lynn Daly thinks the fact that Ulrika Jonsson has had three children and each has a different father, as well as having other boyfriends in the past, makes her a bad mother, does she?

The fact that Ulrika loves and cherishes all her children and would never put herself before them, that she would never desert or abandon them and that she would never allow them to live in a house where violence is on the agenda means she doesn't deserve to be in the running for "Mum of the Year", does it?

I think she had a space to fill in her column and thought she would make up something stupid to get a reaction from readers of The Argus.

Either that or she really believes everybody remains with the same partner regardless of how they or the children are treated, just so people don't turn their noses up at you because you are a strong independent woman who has survived ultimate betrayal.

-Vicki Skinner, Southwick