After reading K Minter's letter (March 15) complaining about sirens being used at night, I had to put pen to paper.

I'm retired now but spent 12 years on the front line with Sussex Ambulance Service dealing with many issues and scenes which most people will never see in a lifetime.

I saved many lives during my career and obviously there were bad times but you must never dwell on them because you have to be professional about it.

I have been abused and spat at while trying to save someone's life and there were many times when I went home and wondered why I did the job in the first place.

It was because I loved the adrenaline of driving fast and safe, people moving out of our way when we put the sirens on, and, above all, the achievement I felt when I had saved a life and saw the look on the person's friends and family's faces.

It was heart-warming.

I cannot, therefore, understand why people complain about us. We were not allowed to use our sirens between 11pm and 7am unless we were approaching red traffic lights.

We need to use sirens to warn other drivers we are there.

So please, Mr Minter, spare a thought next time a siren wakes you at night because one day it might be coming to help you.

-Name and address supplied