The judge in the Jane Longhurst murder trial told the jury to take a "cold, hard, calculated" look at the evidence.

Judge Richard Brown said the seven men and five women jurors must put all emotions aside.

He was summing up on the tenth day of the trial of 35-year-old musician Graham Coutts, who denies murdering Miss Longhurst, a 31-year-old teacher, of Shaftesbury Road, Brighton, at his flat in Waterloo Street, Hove.

He said Coutts' obsession with violent sex websites was no reason to convict him.

However, the jury might think it a confront to common sense if they ignored the fact Coutts was viewing these sites just 24 hours before Miss Longhurst's death.

And the judge reminded them that Coutts visited the websites at a time he was hiding Miss Longhurst's body.

The defence, he said, admitted Coutts had killed Miss Longhurst but they maintained it was an accident during consensual strangulation sex.

Coutts, he said, had lied to police but maintained it had been to protect his pregnant partner and to avoid the risk of a miscarriage.

Judge Brown said it was for the jury to decide whether this was true or whether Coutts had made up the story after learning of the prosecution case.

Judge Brown said if Miss Longhurst's death had or may have been an accident then he was not guilty: "But if, having considered all the evidence in the case, you are sure it was not, that he did intend to kill her or cause her bodily harm, then he is guilty."

The jury was expected to retire later today.