If I may be permitted to reverse the phrase, Dan Duryea looks like "the night before the morning after".

Duryea was a 1940s Hollywood supporting actor. Mostly playing whining villains, he schemed well in The Little Foxes (Sam Goldwyn Studios, 1941), starring Bette Davis and Herbert Marshall, an actor who disguised well the fact he only had one leg.

Duryea did play a goodie in Sahara starring Humphrey Bogart (Columbia, 1943). J Carrol Naish was Academy Award-nominated for his role in the film.

One of Duryea's best efforts was in The Woman In The Window (US Studios, 1944), starring Edward G Robinson and Joan Bennett.

Iris Adrian, one of the brassiest blondes to ever grace the silver screen, had a cameo part at the end of this film.

Turning to Westerns, Duryea appeared in Along Came Jones (United Artists, 1945), playing a sadistic villain to perfection. The film starred Gary Cooper and Loretta Young.

He then went to TV and appeared in China Smith (1958) and Peyton Place (1968).

-Gordon Dean, Lancing