Parked cars clogging Brighton and Hove could disappear if a new scheme catches on.

Hanover Car Club, a first for the city, has just been launched and organisers say it will be a hit.

Members pay an annual fee for access to a fleet of cars which have designated parking and, hopefully, decide they no longer need cars of their own.

Hanover and Elm Grove councillor Joyce Edmond-Smith said: "The club is a big part of Hanover's sustainable travel strategy.

"Once people join they discover they no longer need their own cars and use much more varied forms of transport.

"We hope we can expand to become city-wide."

There are about 25 initial members and they can use the cars and parking if they book in advance and pay a mileage rate.

Hanover resident Mark Strong said: "I don't own a car and have to hire one for a day and make all my trips at once. You can hire a club car for an hour."

The scheme is funded by a £34,000 grant from the National Lottery-run Social, Economic and Environmental Development programme matched by the council.

Mark Hillyer of Smart Moves, which runs the club, said: "It works where there is high-density housing, lack of parking and good transport links."